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Editorial Response: Auxiliary Bishop Roger Gries

I am Auxiliary Bishop Roger Gries of the Diocese of Cleveland.

Since becoming a bishop nearly a dozen years ago, I have seen the diocese go through some very trying times.  

As I move through the diocese administering the sacrament of confirmation to our young people, I have seen a new excitement for the faith in them.  

Perhaps, the Proclamation of Benedict making this "The Year of Faith" has made an impact.  

The spirit of faith is in full swing in our parishes. More than 500 persons from 80 parishes were recently welcomed by Bishop Lennon as they begin their final preparations for baptism at the Easter vigil. 

Last year, there were more than 1,000 new members entering our Catholic church locally.

Eleven of the closed parishes were granted a reprieve and have opened their congregations eagerly working to rebuild their faith communities under the guidance of dedicated pastors.

The world has anxiously awaited a new pope and now we know its Cardinal Bergoglio from Argentina to be known as Pope Francis I.

This is an exciting time for the church in Cleveland and an exciting time for everyone throughout the world.    

Thank you.

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