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MIddlefield officers shot during traffic shot ready to return to work

Officer Erin Thomas Officer Erin Thomas
James Gilkerson, opened fire on officers James Gilkerson, opened fire on officers
Officer Brandon Savage Officer Brandon Savage

Sunday is a day of worship and reverence for most of us. For two Middlefield police officers it was a living hell.

When police pull someone over they never know what to expect.  

Much to the surprise of officers Erin Thomas and Brandon Savage an ambush is what they had to deal with when they stopped 42-year-old James Gilkerson of Mentor on The Lake Sunday evening.  

Before the Middlefield officers could even get out of the cruisers Gilkerson grabbed his semi automatic AK-47 rifle and opened fire on the officers.

Thomas and Savage both were wounded.

"Officer Savage is doing very well. He had been cleared to come back to duty. The schedule has not been determined as of yet when I can bring them back.  But, I hopefully will be bringing him back. Officer Thomas, Erin, has been released from the hospital and has returned home with her family for recovery. As you know she sustained injury to her left finger, left leg and right arm. She's in great spirits and hoping for a fast recovery and she's ready to come back to work," said Middlefield Police Chief, Arnold Sanko.

Nearly 175 police officers lose their lives every year in America. Officers Brandon Savage and  Erin Thomas luckily did not join the ranks of those killed in action.

The whole community in Middlefield waiting for them to return to work.

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