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Roofers having an especially busy spring


Spring is already a roofer's busy season. But this spring, on top of the usual job orders for new roofs, people are also just now finding loose shingles in their yards.  They've got damage from Hurricane Sandy, that they're just now discovering.

Spring hasn't really sprung yet, and business for Franciscus Incorporated is already booming. They've had sixty calls about roof jobs in just the past few days.

"The weather is starting to break a little bit. We've had some rain and people are getting out and about their houses and starting to realize that they still have some damage from the storms of last fall...with Sandy coming through," said Lee Franciscus.

They're currently working on damage at ODOT's 55th Street salt dome it suffered months ago when Super Storm Sandy slammed the area.  Lingering repair requests from the late fall hurricane are adding to their work load and creating a back log of jobs they couldn't get to before winter settled in.

"A lot of people are realizing the damage that they didn't have the opportunity to realize before they got shuttered in for the winter.  As they're getting out and finding shingles in their yard and stuff missing from their roof, they're calling us," said Franciscus.

They've got seven jobs starting next week and they're grateful that the work is piling up.

"We've been hiring. We hired into last fall and we've already started hiring this year for all the trades.  It's good to be able to put people to work in an economy that hasn't been great for a while," he said.

You can expect a 2-3 week wait for a start date on new roof and repair jobs, even longer if you haven't involved your insurance company yet.

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