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Conference tournaments are STUPID!!!

Congratulations to the NCAA, you've finally navigated through your four month preseason schedule. Now, on to the regular season! It will be played out over 4-5 days, at various NBA arenas all over the country. You know them as conference tournaments. If you ask me to list the dumbest things in sports, I'd have a hard time not putting them at the top of the list. They might top the flag-fest that Roger Goodell has turned tackle football into.

What a galactically stupid idea. Take your entire regular season and make it meaningless. Penn State went 10-21 this year, but guess what! If they could've found a way to win a few games in a row in March they'd be considered the Big Ten Champion. You have got to be kidding me. Really? What person thought that was a good idea? And how the heck did it actually get green lighted? If I was in charge of that meeting and somebody brought that up I'd fire them on the spot for stupidity.

The NCAA is completely hypocritical with their basketball tournament. For years they defended their two-team playoff for football with "We have the most meaningful regular season in sports!" I guess the best way to offset that is to follow it up with the most meaningless. Only the NCAA could tell a one-loss football team that they have no business playing for a national title, but in hoops would conceivably allow a 0-31 team take the floor in March with a chance to be their conference champion and get in the dance. Oh, you master strategist, NCAA!

The only comeback I've ever heard to this is "well, those bad teams lose anyway, so what's your point?" Really? That's all you got? Why in the world should any team NEED to go out and beat Penn State again? Why should they have to waste 40 minutes of basketball and risk injury to eliminate a team that should've been eliminated by common sense. Oh right, for that to happen, the NCAA would have to have some.

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