Houston, we have a problem, his name is Ed Reed

Houston, we have a problem, his name is Ed Reed

Dear Houston Texans,

Please, pretty please, pretty please with sugar on top, sign Ed Reed. Take him away. Give him dump trucks of cash. To the people of Houston- roll out that Southern Hospitality I know y'all have in you. Make this guy want to be a Texan. We are sick of him being a Raven.

Is this running up the white flag? Yes. I don't care. Take him away. Ed Reed has destroyed the Browns for 12 years. I've seen enough. They aren't going to beat him, so have him join somebody else. Reed has 61 career interceptions. 11 of them have come against the Browns. Another 10 have come against Cincinnati. When he's enshrined in Canton, he better take a moment to thank the Buckeye State. We put him there. And his interceptions are not garden variety picks. They're back breakers. I've never seen a player get so many crucial interceptions in the second half, he usually finishes them off by taking them to the end zone. I've seen enough. Get rid of him.

Reed is 34 years old. You might think "well how much more can he have in the tank?" The answer? Enough to keep destroying the Browns. Get him out of the AFC North.

If Reed leaves the Ravens it changes the division. The Steelers are still going to be a nuisance, but the Ravens will have taken a devastating loss. They'll still have names like Suggs and Ngata, but losing Reed and Ray Lewis would impact that locker room. You can't tell me it wouldn't. They're linchpins of the "Raven Way."

They wanted to keep Joe Flacco and they did. They've lost a ton of other players because of it. I can't believe they're even letting Reed flirt with other teams, but I'm glad they are. Here's hoping Reed and the Texans decide to do more than flirt. If they want to go ahead and make it legal I might even send them a gift, and I don't even know where they registered.