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Guns found in crowd after St. Patrick's Day parade

Keith Eppinger (SOURCE: Cleveland Police) Keith Eppinger (SOURCE: Cleveland Police)

We've learned two of the people arrested after the St. Patrick's Day parade downtown had guns, and we're tracking new fallout from the chaos.

Cleveland Police made 29 arrests in the mayhem following the parade, and they now say that included two arrests for carrying a concealed weapon.

Rowdy crowds mobbed Tower City and Public Square late Sunday afternoon, and it wasn't first time for trouble after the parade.

This weekend, police say Keith Eppinger had a gun. They say he'd been in a rowdy crowd outside Tower City. Police repeatedly told him to leave. He didn't, so police arrested him and found the gun.

Meantime, a Mounted Unit officer saw a juvenile throw a handgun to the ground. He got arrested too.

Later there were reports of shots fired on the square.

We also saw lots of people sick in the streets, apparently from drinking too much. Councilman Joe Cimperman says he's organizing talks between business leaders and City Hall to figure out what to do about this?

Cimperman says he's never had more complaints about the parade than he's had this year. He sees public drunkeness and underage drinking as driving factors behind the trouble. 

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