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Editorial: Strongsville teachers strike out

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Teachers in Strongsville have been on strike now for nearly a month.  There has been no progress in negotiations and tensions are running high.

Now that they've missed a paycheck, some teachers have grown increasingly testy.  Two strikers have been arrested among growing reports of bullying and vandalism.  Their picket line behavior is worthy of a longshoreman's strike, not a group of educated adults who are supposed to be role models for the children they are supposed to inspire.

Strongsville's superintendent says that caving in to teacher demands would break the school budget by two million dollars. And the city likely can't look to Strongsville residents who have defeated two of the last three school levies to come on the ballot.

While the teachers certainly have a legal right to strike, the union ought to be realistic about what is feasible when it comes to the district's budget.  Otherwise the children in Strongsville will continue to pay the price.

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