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Carl Monday gets Action: Man sentenced for leaving dog in hot car

Carl Monday helps dog left in hot truck in downtown Cleveland July 2012 Carl Monday helps dog left in hot truck in downtown Cleveland July 2012

On a blistering day last July, as temperatures approached one hundred degrees, Carl Monday and the city's animal control chief rescued a dog from a locked truck inside a downtown parking lot.

For two hours, the owner was across the street inside the air conditioned Justice Center, as his dog sat helpless in a vehicle with no water and precious little air.

So what's happened the dog and its former owner?  Well, recently Ashley Lewis was back at the J.C. to answer to animal cruelty charges.

Before sentencing, Judge Ronald Adrine told Lewis that he put the dog in a position where he could have suffered heat stroke or other type of injury. Animal Warden James Beard went further, saying the dog would have died if left in the truck any longer.

Lewis claimed a relative was supposed to watch the puppy. The Judge said there was no way of knowing if that were true. 

So Lewis entered a no contest plea to attempted abandoning of an animal.  He was sentenced to six months probation, a $150 fine and community service at the Cleveland kennel. 

Lewis had no comment for Monday outside the courtroom. 

When confronted on the day of the incident, he told Monday, "hey, its just a dog."  Well, Lewis will now forever relinquish ownership of the animal as part of the plea agreement.

As for the dog...a caring family has adopted the pup, now a healthy 55 pounds and growing.

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