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2 men honored for helping Cleveland Officer during violent arrest COT

Cleveland cop attacked near bus stop Cleveland cop attacked near bus stop

Two men who helped a Cleveland Police Officer during a violent arrest will receive a gift of $200.00 each from the Northeast Ohio Fallen Heroes Fund as a small token of their extreme appreciation "for having the strength of character to step up and help officer Mason out of a very bad situation".

A YouTube video of a March 10 arrest in Public Square shows Cleveland Police Officer Robert Mason, working alone, trying to make an arrest in a building mob scene.

You also see a man with a cane walking by, just a bystander, who can see the danger too.

"I got your back," the man says in the cell phone video.

That man was Joe Mosijowsky.

"There was so many people on him, no one was doing nothing so I had, it's always been in me to help the underdog," Mosijowsky told our Dan DeRoos.

Officer Mason was trying to arrest an 18-year-old man for interfering with a previous arrest and the man is not following police orders.

Instead of giving up his arms to be cuffed, the man and the officer struggle and end up on the ground. That's when Mosijowsky steps in to help by putting his knee on the suspect on the ground, not knowing he too would be attacked.

The video shows a woman in the crowd then come up and try to wrestle Mosijowsky and keep him from helping.

"I didn't do this because he is a police officer. I did it because he's a human being. If it was a bum getting beat up I would have done the same thing."

The woman who attacked Mosijowski was 19 year-old Victoria Soper. The charges against her have since been dismissed.

Officer Mason received a few scrapes and Mosijowsky was fine other than broken glasses.

"The officer called, thanked me, offered to pay for my glasses."

A spokesperson with the Cuyahoga County Prosecutor's Office says the grand jury will review the case of the 18-year-old male suspect.

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