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Dog shot by a Stark County Deputy Dog Warden

Dog that was shot Dog that was shot

A dog is recovering after being shot by a Stark County Deputy Dog Warden.

Officials say on Thursday March 21, Deputy Dog Warden Sedlacko responded to a call in Massillon.

Upon arrival, Deputy Sedlacko says he exited his vehicle onto the public roadway and was  rushed by 3 American Bulldog Pit Bull type dogs who ran off of their owner's property onto the roadway.

Although these dogs were not the subject of the call that initiated the visit, Deputy Sedlacko says behavior of the dogs became so aggressive, he was forced to use his firearm in self-defense, wounding one of the dogs in the roadway.

The deputy transported the wounded dog to a veterinary clinic where the dog was treated and is expected to make a full recovery.

The owner of the dog was cited for failure to file application for registration of dog, failure to comply with rabies registration, and failure to keep dog under control.

Stark County Dog Warden Reagan Tetreault says after a thorough and complete internal review of all the circumstances surrounding the incident, it has been conclusively found that Deputy Sedlacko properly followed all procedures, and properly acted in self-defense.

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