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Concessions offered by striking Strongsville teachers as week three wraps up

Striking Strongsville teachers Striking Strongsville teachers

After three weeks on the picket line striking teachers in Strongsville attempt to end the work stoppage by offering at least $300,000 in concessions. 

"$300,000! Yes, we actually countered our own counter proposal," yelled one striking teacher. 

The offer was made Friday afternoon to the Board of Education

School Board President David Frazee said he has not seen the teacher's latest offer and does not know when he will.

Also Friday afternoon students rallied in the town square calling for an end to the strike.

"We want negotiations to occur and a comprise to be reached," stated one Strongsville student.

Other students say there is not much focus in the classroom. 

"I don't think there is much control right now," said another Strongsville student. 

19 Action News spoke with the president of the teacher's union to confirm reports that the board pays some $300,000 a week for security and substitute teachers. 

The union president said the board is withholding that information from them. 

"We're not sure what their agenda is for keeping us out," said David Frazee.

Students meantime, involved in Friday's walkout say they didn't want to cause a disruption they just wanted to get their point across.

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