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Darlings of the Dance

Cleveland (WOIO) - I admit it. Until Friday, I had never heard of Florida Gulf Coast University, a small school in Fort Myers that is far better known for its forensics program than it is for basketball. In fact, if you're over the age of 11, you're older than the basketball program, and if you're over the age of 2, you've been around longer than they've been in Division One. That's how great a story this is, but it doesn't end there for the Eagles, or "Fighting Coroners", as some are calling 'em.

The coach of the 15th-seeded Eagles is Andy Enfield, a multi-millionaire who made his money on Wall Street, but couldn't shake the basketball bug, so worked his way up to becoming a head coach at a school nobody's ever heard of. Coach's wife is a former supermodel. And their school band? What band? They had to hire a local high school in Philadelphia to play their fight songs during the first weekend at the Big Dance.

Despite all of the above, they somehow found a way to upset the second-seeded Georgetown Hoyas, then San Diego State, becoming the first 15-seed ever to advance to the Sweet 16. And they're having fun doing it, running the "Rocky" steps in Philly, dancing up and down the court, and quickly becoming the darlings of this NCAA Tournament.

Whatever happens from here on out, and let's face it, the next challenge (the Florida Gators, a team you probably have heard of) will likely be too much, the Eagles have, in many ways, already won the tournament, and by that I mean, they're the stars, and they'll be the lasting memory of 2013.

It is, by far, the greatest, most improbable run we've witnessed in a long, long time.


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