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A prom to remember

Olivia Olivia

It's a rite of passage in high school. But for some kids with cancer cheating death consumes the days they should be counting down to prom.

A couple from Mentor who runs MK Photography have been to more proms than they could count then they had an idea to make it count for kids with cancer.

12-year-old Olivia Coontz out was  out rollerblading when she fell and hurt her arm. She went to the hospital for an XRay and found out...

"That I had cancer. I started crying before he could even say it was curable," said Olivia Coontz.

Now she cant stop giggling...

Because next Friday Olivia is headed to the 3rd Annual Prom to Remember where they will literally lay out the red carpet at the Ritz Carlton for 150 kids with cancer from all over the state.

They are treated like they're in Hollywood. They get picked up by limos, tuxedos are donated as well as formal dresses, photographers, live music, hair and makeup. Local businesses are determined to help kids like Olivia.

But after a few years of doing this it's bitter sweet for Mike and Jane Knausz, because seeing sometimes cancer wins.

"You pray and hope they will come back every year but you know in reality maybe not everyone is going to," said Jane Knausz.

"When everybody called me a trooper I didn't know what that meant," said Olivia.

But now Olivia is cancer free!

"I used to feel depressed....now I feel like a princess," added Olivia.@

If you're inspired by the people behind a Prom to Remember and the kids with cancer who motivate them CLICK HERE for more information on how you can get involved.

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