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NEW DETAILS: Clyde cancer cluster


A $750 million class action lawsuit just filed in connection with the Clyde Cancer Cluster that has killed 7 children and sicken more than 30 kids.

8 plaintiffs want Whirlpool to pay up. They say the washing machine company caused the Clyde Cancer Cluster.

Our Scott Taylor was the first to show you exclusive video of Whirlpool Park. The now closed outdoor recreational park formerly owned by Whirlpool.

The EPA found 9 feet of toxic sludge with PCB's under the basketball court. Tim Lagrou believes the PCB's seeped into the Park's one acre swimming pool and his dead wife Christina and her mother swam in it.

Tim LaGrou says "She quickly was diagnosed with large cell lymphoma and in less than a year she passed away and to this day I don't understand that somebody goes from perfectly healthy to gone in less that a year."

He and 7 other plaintiffs just filed a 750 million dollar class action lawsuit against Whirlpool and Grist Mill Creek LLC, the current owner of Whirlpool Park.  They claim Whirlpool intentionally dumped the toxic waste and concealed it.

LaGrou's Attorney Joe Albrechta says "Now is the time to institute a lawsuit.  Now is the time to answer these serious and important questions."

He adds that Grist Mill Creek LLC is named because Whirlpool Park still needs to be cleaned up. The lawsuit also calls for a Health Monitoring Program to be set up in order to monitor the future health of residents in the area.

Whirlpool issued this statement: "We are currently reviewing the lawsuit filed today. As a member of the community for over 60 years, with more than 3,000 employees in the area, we are also very interested in figuring out the facts behind this ongoing issue. We are working closely with the current property owner, the U.S. EPA and the Ohio EPA to address the issues at the former Whirlpool Park through the Ohio EPA Voluntary Action Program.  We have submitted a Phase I Property Assessment Report and Phase II Work Plans for comment and approval by both agencies." 

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