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EXCLUSIVE: Man speaks out after being wrongfully accused

Shaune Chesney, wrongfully accused in hit-skip accident in Akron Shaune Chesney, wrongfully accused in hit-skip accident in Akron
William Wilkes (SOURCE: Akron Police) William Wilkes (SOURCE: Akron Police)

Akron Police have released a man previously arrested for a hit-skip accident and taken another man into custody who police say admitted to the incident.

48 year old Shaune Chesney was locked up after someone wrongly identified him as the hit and run driver who struck a five year old child and broke his leg on Goodhue Drive in Akron March 15th.

Chesney tells 19 Action News he was on his way to pick up his son when he was pulled over by police.

"They immediately put me in handcuffs and put me in the back of a police cruiser," says Chesney, "I proceeded to explain to the officer it wasn't me I wasn't in the area. They had already tried and convicted me."

Chesney said he was behind bars for seven days which was time away from his 6-year old son and family who couldn't believe what was going on.

"I was angry, I was upset, I was hurt, I was distraught," Chesney said.

Thursday Chesney was released from jail, "I'm just glad to be among family and friends."

Leading up to Chesney's release, investigators had followed up on a tip called into Summit County Crimestoppers, Inc., and interviewed a 38-year-old William Wilkes, Jr. of Akron.

Following the interview, Akron Police say Wilkes admitted involvement in the hit-skip and was subsequently charged with driving under a suspended license and hit skip, then booked into the Summit County Jail.

Chesney says he just wants to put this whole thing behind him, but says it's hard knowing you've been accused of something you didn't do, "It's one thing if you're incarcerated for something that you did, but, it's triple demoralizing if you are there for something you didn't do.'

Chesney says he'll have to drop out of an engineering program because of the week in jail.

He also says he has no hard feelings toward the person who wrongly identified him, but won't comment if he'll take any legal action.

The child who was struck is expected to recover.

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