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Guy indicted on 20 charges for 2 rapes went under police radar- how?

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We've learned that a man indicted on 20 charges for two rapes slipped through the cracks of law enforcement.

19 Action News Reporter Ed Gallek was first to report on the investigation that found law enforcement had this guy in custody again and again.

Detectives found no one ever got a DNA sample for Michael Grant, which brought about an internal investigation.

One man was tied to two rapes largely through old fashioned police work that may have solved the sex assaults much more quickly

Grant had been arrested before but where was the breakdown in the system?

Officers say that DNA samples of all prisoners arrested for felonies should go into a statewide database.

Grant had been brought to the city jail by Cleveland Police and RTA police.   He'd even spent time in the county jail but no DNA sample was taken- that is until sex crimes investigators tracked him down for two rapes the hard way by gathering evidence in the streets.

Michael Grant is now facing lots of charges and an internal investigation is underway to find out how he passed through law enforcement hands without leaving a trail.

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