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One woman dead after altercation with IHOP security

Nadia Williams (Nadia Williams' Facebook page) Nadia Williams (Nadia Williams' Facebook page)
Nadia Williams (Source: Nadia Williams' Facebook page) Nadia Williams (Source: Nadia Williams' Facebook page)
Nadia Williams (Source: Friends of victim) Nadia Williams (Source: Friends of victim)

Cleveland Heights Police responded to the IHOP at 3452 Mayfield Road just before 3 a.m. Saturday morning after receiving multiple 911 calls for a disturbance and shots fired.

Once on scene, officers located a female victim who's last meal was likely at the IHOP where she was shot and killed in the early am hours of Saturday, March 30, 2013, leaving her friends in shock.

The victim had been shot in the head just outside the entrance to the restaurant.

The shooting victim was identified as 25-year-old Nadia Williams of Cleveland.

Reports say she was transported to University Hospital then pronounced dead.

Police say Williams and three other females were involved in an altercation inside of the restaurant with the security guard employed by IHOP.

The verbal altercation continued between the four females and the guard as he attempted to escort them out of the restaurant.

At the entrance doors to the restaurant, the altercation between the females and the security guard became physical.  During this time, the security guard fell to the ground and his handgun discharged striking Williams in the head.

But 19 Action News has learned that there is an interesting connection to the off duty security guard that shot her. He is a Bailiff in Cleveland Municipal Court, and we are told he had no permission for this secondary employment.

Her friends want to know more and say they don't understand how this could have happened to Nadia because she was a sweetheart.

The other three females were taken to the police station along with the security guard as the investigation continues.

Their names will not be released at this time. 

Police are still investigating and hope to release more details later but in the meantime Nadia's friends come to terms with her loss. 

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