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Fans are "really excited" for Reds Opening Day


Really excited!

That's a typical reaction for those getting a sneak peak at Great American Ball Park before the gates swing open for another season of America's pastime tomorrow.

"I'm very excited.  It's a great tradition for the city and for the fans, and I'm glad this is a well-known holiday around here now," said Allan Davenport of Cincinnati.

"Always loved the Cincinnati Reds.  It's a holiday!  It's Opening day," said Jeff Gordon, who's in town from Atlanta.

A tradition it is, especially for those who are calling in sick on Monday, or taking an extra day off school from Easter break.  With history dating back to the late 1800s, some fans are experiencing Opening Day in Cincinnati for the first time.

"My daughter Maddie, I'm introducing her to the tradition that is Cincinnati Reds baseball," added Gordon.

Some other out-of-town baseball fans have also made the pilgrimage to downtown.  For an Angels fan who got tickets for his birthday, he's excited to experience the first day of the season that's like none other.

"I just hear about the tradition that Cincinnati has with Opening Day.  Pretty much the whole town shuts down for Opening Day, so I'm pretty excited to experience it," said Casey Sheehy of Ames, IA.

Another out-of-towner says it's been a long winter, and there's only one thing that can warm him up.

"I'm a huge baseball fan, and I am just so ready for Opening Day.  I've gone so long without baseball that I'm just ready for a good baseball dosage," said Kyle Gann of Council Bluffs, IA.

Of course, no Opening Day is complete unless you have a prediction.

"I think I gotta go with the Reds.  Just being around this city and everything, people seem pretty excited.  I think they have a lot of momentum on their side,"  added Gann.

Maddie Gordon had a simple, yet emphatic prediction: "The Reds!"

"I think we're gonna go all the way this year.  I think this is the year, and I feel it," added Davenport.

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