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Gun violence awareness

The list of incidents involving gun violence goes on, just yesterday police say a son shot his father dead in front of a church in Ashtabula.

Just by coincidence in the wake of yesterday's shooting at The Church of God in Christ in Ashtabula, another Church of God in Christ in Cleveland is hosting a faith based call to action rally.  

"I'm affected by it.  Even if I don't know you, I'm affected by it.  That's the heart of a pastor.  I'm affected when I hear of anyone gunned down," says Pastor Andrew Clark with Trinity Outreach Ministries.

As part of a month long series of Anti Gun Violence events Pastor Clark is getting church leaders and members together to be part of the solution rather than an afterthought.  

"We are approached to do vigils, we are approached to go out and pray for you, but we are not at the table when it comes to policy changes, regulating tables, we are not at those tables so this is a new phase for us," said Pastor Clark.

And other churches will be given a curriculum to teach their congregations what they can do to prevent gun violence.  They'll also be encouraged to provide a place where teens can go instead of hitting the streets for fun.

Pastor Clark says, "Our churches throughout the city have to open their doors on those Friday nights, those Saturday mornings, Saturday evenings and make our spaces available for alternative locations to go to."

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