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Editorial: Public Square - Priority 1

(WOIO) -

Be honest now. When was the last time you set foot on Cleveland's Public Square? Chances are it's been awhile, so let me paint you a picture.

As the front door to the city's downtown, the square has all of the curb appeal of a broken down shack. With its crumbling sidewalks, broken fountains and lackluster landscaping, the downtown hub is well past its shelf life and in desperate need of a major face-lift.

For years, well-intentioned civic groups and the mayor have thrown piles of money on studies and surveys. But here we sit, with a new casino and soon to be world-class medical and convention center---overlooking a public square that is embarrassing at best.

The square needs to be more than just a giant bus stop. It needs to serve as a connector for downtown neighborhoods and a place that families and visitors to our city can enjoy. Let's get it fixed.

Write and let me know what you think. I'm Bill Applegate.

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