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Thoughts on Mike Rice, and who should be fired next

Cleveland (WOIO) - What if it were your kid? What if you saw a video of former Rutgers coach Mike Rice, or any coach for that matter, kicking or grabbing or hurling a basketball at your kid? How would you react?

The outcry over Rice's behavior, caught on video at practice months ago, and aired by ESPN on Tuesday, is understandable, because most, if not all, of us would never stand for that kind of behavior towards our kid, whether our child is 8 years old, or 18.

The powers-that-be at Rutgers didn't know the video would ever leak, so back in December, when they first saw it, they decided to suspend and fine Rice, not fire him. But once ESPN got ahold of the video, Rice was done. Everyone from New Jersey Governor Chris Christie to the head of the New Jersey Assembly called for Rice's head. Wednesday, they got it.

But it shouldn't end there. Those above Rice who initially decided on a lesser penalty, including Athletic Director Tim Pernetti, should be canned as well.

Physical and verbal abuse, including homophobic slurs, are obviously unacceptable, even in the macho world of Division 1 college sports. It's staggering that in 2013, it still goes on.

Again, what if it were your kid?


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