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Strongsville teachers say they're ready to go back to work

Strongsville teachers strike Strongsville teachers strike

Strongsville teachers and students say they are ready for a settlement. 

A Strongsville High School student we spoke with says he was encouraged by the union's move toward binding arbitration, but was quickly disappointed to hear the Board of Education didn't agree to it.

"I was pretty much heartbroken. I got my hopes up for the third time during this strike," he said.

Senator Sherrod Brown, who attended yesterday's rally, the biggest to date, is equally disappointed at the lack of resolution.

"The teachers have made three counter offers that have not been answered.  Both sides need to talk. That's why I'm encouraged by the binding arbitration offer," said Brown.

"Binding interest arbitration is the same process used by the mayor and the city of Strongsville. It's the same process that's used with essential services like police and fire," said Strongsville Education Association President, Tracy Linscott.

And while picketers press on, students say their substitutes are struggling.

"They are as confused as the students. They're trying to figure out where we need to be and what they need to do to prepare us to take finals and AP tests at the end of the year," said an SHS junior.

He knows how important this spring is and how much he is missing while teachers are picketing and negotiating rather than teaching.

"If we are not in classes they should be working all day to fix that," he said.

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