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Coyote attacks family dog in Jackson Township


In Stark County there have been several reports of coyotes attacking family pets. 

A coyote killed one of the Oldham's beloved family dogs right in their own backyard in Jackson Township. 

And now the family tells us there are concerns about other reports of missing dogs nearby. 

Jeanne Oldham's 11-year-old dachshund Daisy was a gift to her on mother's day 2002.

A coyote reportedly attacked the little dog late last month after Oldham's daughter's boyfriend let her out at night to go to the bathroom as usual.

"I didn't see it attack it or anything like that. I just saw it run away with the dog in its mouth. It had already killed her. Ran off with it," says Brad Dupont

Oldham was on the first day of her vacation in Florida when she got the news, "It was a terrible vacation needless to say," said Oldham.

She had not heard anything about coyote attacks in this neighborhood, but since she returned home she's heard a number of other reports of missing dogs in the area.

Oldham says, "(A) woman up the street has a little Yorkie that's gone. And then I called my vet first last week to tell them to warn everybody. They said that they had a couple already missing. There's a total of like six."

Oldham and her neighbors are alarmed by the attacks, and now she's taking extra precautions.

"We're getting measured for a fence next week and then we're putting up motion detectors.  We're not going to take them out after dark."

Oldham says she's concerned about more potential attacks on dogs or even young children in the area.

Officials tell us there are coyotes in all 88 counties in Ohio. Click here for what you should do if a coyote is in your back yard.

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