Not a bad first week of baseball

Not a bad first week of baseball

What a first week of the season. Justin Masterson beat both Cy Young winners from last year. Ubaldo Jimenez threw well in his debut. Chris Perez blew a save. Mark Reynolds looks like Babe Ruth.

Clearly, Reynolds will slow down, but he is showing why they signed him. He has some serious power from the right side of the plate. They've needed that for years. I can't see a reason to be concerned about Perez at this point.

It's been well discussed that the likely key to the season is how well Masterson and Jimenez pitch. Last year they combined to go 20-35. Masterson is already 2-0 and Jimenez pitched well enough to win in his debut. Brett Myers was awful, but even if he is awful and replaced, the team should still be okay if the top two guys keep it up. They're that important.

Carlos Santana and Asdrubal Cabrera will pick it up, it's nice to see the team not have to rely on those two guys to carry them. I'd also like to point out that it's nice to not be saying "When Grady comes back" for the first time in a long time.

3-3 isn't a bad start when you consider they opened on the road and had to deal with the Myers and Trevor Bauer implosions. I can't wait to see where they are in a month.