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Sewage pipe leak closes Akron Muni Court


A sewage pipe leak closed the Akron Municipal Court's Probation Office on Tuesday, which is housed on the second floor/ Mezzanine level of the Harold K. Stubbs Building.

Court officials reported the court's first concern was the health and safety of the public and its staff which utilizes the office. The leak was coming from a pipe inside the building. The water leaked through the ceiling into the probation office area directly below it. While repairs were being made, building officials requested limited usage of the restrooms in the south end of the building.

The Probation Department has rescheduled all appointments originally scheduled for the afternoon of April 9. The Court will relocate probation staff to the 7th and 9th floors of the Harold K. Stubbs Building located at 217 South High Street. Individuals scheduled to meet with the probation office on April 9, 2013 or April 10, 2013 should contact the probation office at (330) 375-2760.

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