Autism artist: Meet Seth Chwast

Autism artist: Meet Seth Chwast

CLEVELAND HEIGHTS, OH (WOIO) - One in 50 kids are diagnosed with autism.  But an artist in Cleveland Heights is doing amazing things beyond the diagnosis.

More and more families are learning to live with autism. We're introducing you to Seth Chwast who's not only living with autism, but he's really cool because of it.

Chwast was diagnosed with autism at the age of 2.  At 18-years-old, a formal evaluation suggested Seth push a dry mop around for the rest of his life.

Then Seth picked up a paint brush at 20, and at 30-years-old Seth's paintbrush is a key that unlocks a window into his fantastic mind.

"He's untrained and it just comes out of him," his art teacher says.  "His art is his voice."

Seth's masterpieces are now sold around the world.  His fans are getting so much more than paint on a canvas.

"They're getting joy," his mom Debra Chwast says. "And they are getting the story of hope."

Because of undying love for her autistic son, Debra is now also her son's manager, business partner, agent and promoter, pushing for a kid who was supposed to be pushing a mop.

It was an unexpected life, and made for a fabulous story.

She's also the author of a book about Seth saying, "Seth is the story of never give up."

"We need more of Seth. Makes the world a better place."

To learn more about Seth, check out his blog here.

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