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Dodgers pay price for brawl

Cleveland (WOIO) - It's hard to watch the Dodgers-Padres brawl from Thursday night and not think back to Red Sox-Yankees, 1976. Like the Dodgers, the Red Sox paid the price for their brawl at Yankee Stadium, as Bill Lee, their eccentric southpaw pitcher, left the field with an injured left arm.

The Dodgers are now without one of their aces, Zack Greinke, who suffered a broken collarbone after going shoulder-to-shoulder with Carlos Quentin of the Padres. Happened in the 6th inning, after Greinke plunked Quentin. These two have a history, going back to their days with the Royals and White Sox.

The question is, who's wrong here? Greinke, who the Dodgers are paying $147 million to not only stay healthy, but win? Or Quentin, who has a knack for getting hit, leading the majors the past two seasons in that category.

I don't believe either guy is wrong. It's part of baseball. I certainly don't expect Greinke to consider his hefty salary, and repercussions, in the heat of battle. Once any athlete steps inside the lines, I want him to compete, not be thinking about self-survival.

And Quentin? Sure, he could have just jogged to first, but this is the third time Greinke's drilled him. At some point, a player has to say "enough", even if it's a hitter who's known to lean into pitches.

Dodgers manager Don Mattingly wants Quentin to be suspended until Greinke returns. If this was a cheap shot, or one-sided affair, I'd agree. But both guys played a part here, and both have to live with the repercussions.

It happens.


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