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Man calls yard art, neighbors call it an eyesore


What one Richmond Heights man calls beauty, his neighbors call an eyesore.

George Zetzer calls his yard an art museum.  It's his art, a collection of stuff most of it painted pink.

It includes a Santa painted pink in a pink crib.  You'll also find crosses dripping with blood hanging from a tree.

We asked him what it all means, but Zetzer says, "For me to give you my opinion is not gonna help you."

"When I have a party the people's all come over here looking. Oh, this is so great," said neighbor J.C. Thomas.

One person just walking by said, "I guess it's supposed to be art."

But Zetzer tells us, "I'm into non-violence. I'm into stopping the war."

And the pink everywhere is a push for a group at, a group trying to move the world away from militarism.

If you're not much of a fan of Zetzer's art don't read too much into the fact that the garbage guys came today and didn't haul any of George's stuff away.

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