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43 Forum: Minority Men's Health Fair

The 11th annual Minority Men's Health Fair is April 25, 2013 at main campus Cleveland Clinic in the Glickman Tower from 5:30PM-12:30PM at Glickman Tower in Cleveland Clinic. There's free parking at 96th and Euclid Ave for those attending.

The Minority Men's Health Fair is for all men of every race. This is an opportunity to get free head to toe painless screening. Each year at this fair men find conditions they didn't know they had. There are things individuals can do to abate disease once it's detected; especially if it's detected early.  So it's important to get a screening.  

Minority Men are more at risk of certain types of disease such as kidney, prostate, and heart disease. Minority men have a lower survival rate from these diseases. However, the survival rate could be the same as in other races, if the disease was detected early enough to treat while the cancer is localized.

To ensure best health in any man, medical practitioners recommend all men have a primary health care doctor and a urologist. The Minority Health Fair is a place to find these doctors.  Getting routinely screened is crucial to staving off disease and early interventions.  

This goes for women as well. Women can receive free screening at the Medical Heath Fair for Women on Saturday, April 27, 2013 at Stephanie Tubbs Jones Family Health Center.

It's all about health and wellness and prevention of disease, beginning with something as simple as getting blood pressure tested. The path to better health is finding and targeting individual needs.

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