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Reaction: Northeast Ohioans in Boston during the explosion

Second Sole, Rocky River, OH Second Sole, Rocky River, OH

Cleveland runners were among those participating in the Boston Marathon on Monday and thousands of people were still on the course when chaos erupted along Boylston Street.

Anita and Larry Rutledge are from Dellroy, OH in Carroll County, and this was Larry's 20th straight Boston Marathon,  Anita was there in support.

"My husband had just finished.  I texted him.  He said he heard the explosion.  He was just about to get on the subway train to get back to us, and then they evacuated the train," said Anita.

A group of runners from the Second Sole Running Group in Rocky River also traveled to Boston to run in the marathon and employees from Second Sole were able to get in touch with most of their colleagues and friends.

"I text messaged Katie Dieter who ran it.  Bill, the owner of the store, his wife ran, he was there kind of as her support group, went out there to watch her race.  She said we're OK,  I finished.  We got out of there," says Rick Bement, Second Sole.

For those who live in Boston, life will never be the same, especially on a busy Boston street full of restaurants and bars.

"It's very popular street.  It's a street I walk on all the time. I go there all the time. It's sad. It's a feeling that's not going to go away for a very long time," said Veronica Salee, northeast Ohio native.

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