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Craig interviews in Detroit for police chief job


Could Cincinnati Police Chief James Craig be on his way out of town? 

Chief Craig admitted Wednesday that he met with the Detroit Police Department last week regarding an opening for the same position.

Sources tell FOX2 in Detroit that Craig is the front-runner for the position, among nearly 50 chiefs across the nation contacted about the job.

Craig said on Wednesday that he did go to Detroit is very interested in the job. However, nothing has been decided. 

"Being interested doesn't mean I'm not interested in Cincinnati. I want that to be very clear. I enjoyed great support here," said Chief Craig.

Craig was in the running for the same position just a few years ago, but now members of Cincinnati City Council are pleading their case as to why Chief Craig should stay.

On Wednesday, City Councilman Christopher Smitherman submitted a motion asking that City Manager Milton Dohoney consider retaining Chief Craig 'for the great and excellent work he has done.'

"We need to make it clear that we want him here, and I'm trying to get my colleagues to send that message to the chief," said Smitherman.

Smitherman says he's a big proponent of the chief staying in Cincinnati because of his positive impact on curbing violence. With these votes, he hopes the city manager will do everything he can to retain the chief.

"He's been here barely two years and has had a tremendous impact with crime, which is what we pay him to do. Right, this is Batman, so we don't want Batman to go to Detroit," said Smitherman.

"Certainly there's a lot of compelling factors to staying here in Cincinnati, but there's no talk of any job offer or anything like that. I'm just a candidate, one of several and the process is ongoing," Craig conveyed.

According to sources with Detroit's FOX2 News, once the final five candidates are selected, the city's emergency manager will have the final say.

The city expects to have a new police chief this year.

Chief Craig began his police career in Detroit back in 1977. He was hired as Cincinnati's police chief in June of 2011.

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