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Take out the papers and the trash.....PLEASE!

Trash in Fairview Park Trash in Fairview Park

Teamsters, trash collectors, in Youngstown have been on strike for three weeks, and in a show of support Northeast Ohio Teamsters, who work for Republic Waste Services and Allied Waste Management have walked off the job.

It's all causing a smelly problem for some communities in Medina, Lorain and Western Cuyahoga counties.

Monday was garbage day in Fairview Park, but the trash is piling up on the curbs on Wednesday, and the people who live here at not at all happy. It is more than just a little inconvenient. 

"Yes it is, I have all this garbage here waiting around and no one picking it up, all the neighbors are getting frustrated, it's just one of those bad things," said Fairview Park resident Chuck Preto.

Garbage cans, bulk items, lawn waste all crowding the curbs here, and no one is quite sure when it will be picked up.  At some point, local wildlife will come looking for some scraps.

Fairview Park is advising residents that they are hopeful temporary employees from Republic Waste, which services the city, will be sent out to pick up the trash, if not, some have their own plans. 

"I have sons that live in other cities, worse comes to worst,  I'll take it over there because we have small kids and there's stuff in there that's kind of not smelling too nice," said Preto.

Fairview Park is sending out city crews, in city trucks, to pick up some of the bulk items and yard waste that is clogging the curbs along with the garbage.

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