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Editorial: Terrorism Again

Scene of the explosion during the Boston Marathon Scene of the explosion during the Boston Marathon
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It doesn't matter who ends up responsible for the bombing at the Boston Marathon or what their politics is… the result is the same…an act of terror meant to frighten us, dishearten us, and rob us of yet more of our freedoms. 

Can the Boston Marathon ever be the same?  Can they stage it next year without imposing harsh restrictions on the crowds of spectators?  Remember it was the shoe bomber in 2001 who is responsible for one of the indignities we suffer at airline security gates today. What new loss of liberty will this terrorist act inspire? And how much security is too much---where do we draw the line between keeping our citizens safe and keeping our citizens imprisoned? 

We will hear now the inevitable call for something to be done…anything to prevent a repetition of this evil act. But we should not over-react for that is exactly what the terrorists want.  They want us to change our way of life…our unique American way of life.  And if we do that…they win.

Write and let me know what you think.  I'm Bill Applegate and here's the address.

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