How would Ohio Police handle Boston Manhunt?

(WOIO) - What's happening in Boston is leading to questions about safety here.

19 Action News Reporter Ed Gallek talked to local investigators about how they prepare for terrorists throwing explosives at police.

Very simply put, we're told--you can't.

Yet officers say they're ready.

After the Boston Marathon bombers' shootout with police is caught on camera, showing gunfire and explosives coming from the wanted men; we ask the question, are local police ready to handle something like that?

Police say they have no specific training for this but would handle it two ways.

The first being to swarm the area with officers and secondly to rely on the training they 'do' have, improvising as they go.

The Cleveland Fire Department says it has taken part in removing three bombs in the last three years.

They also report in the last year it's had eight other cases involving explosives with no fire and also five fireworks explosions.

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