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Pilot-Flying J, the latest undeserved punch to the gut

Browns fans cannot get a break. That statement seemingly has been true for decades, but it has been reinforced this week. The new owner's business getting raided by the Feds? Who saw that coming? Who could've even spun that kind of yarn in a worst-case scenario? Of all the Cleveland sports calamities, this one might take the cake. At least the others played out on the field, where things usually go wrong for teams, not in office buildings 500 miles from their home turf.

Not only is it embarrassing, but it's a situation that is not going away for a long time. You ever hear of a federal case moving quickly? It took four years for the Jimmy DiMora case to be settled. I was a juror on a federal case once, it was years old before it actually went to court. This is going to be hanging over the franchise's head for years to come. Is that bad for the Browns? Well, it can't be good! At best, it's only a PR hit. At worst? The owner could be forced to give up the team. It has happened before. Ask the 49'ers.

I'm not writing this to say I think Haslam is guilty or innocent. That is why we have the legal process, and it's one we will watch closely. I am saying that no matter the outcome, this is bad for the Browns. Even if Haslam is exonerated, it's still bad PR. And it won't be going away for several years. Get ready Browns fans, the next crap sandwich was just served to you on a platter. It didn't even come with fries.

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