Boston coverage is a real life TV cliffhanger

Boston coverage is a real life TV cliffhanger

For so many what's unfolding on the streets of Boston is hard not to watch. People are turning to their smart phones, tablets and TVs for the latest.

"Real hard to get away from, it's just tragic of course," said Jim Baker watching on a TV at Cleveland Hopkins Airport.

"Just trying to keep up as much as I can," said Chris Bunting while reading headlines on his smart phone.

Televisions and devices everywhere are tuned as many hope to see the second suspect caught.

"We're just waiting for it to end," said Mark Dombeck, who was watching the coverage while working out at his gym.

No matter where Holly Levitsky was Friday morning so was the Boston coverage.

"It happened to be on the TV's in the restaurant and on the radio. I knew I was coming up here and I could catch it up here too," said Levitsky.

It's the ultimate TV cliff hangar and many can't wait for the final episode.

"Waiting for an alert on that one so we can get some answers for the victims," said Bunting.

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