Almost in the wrong place at the wrong time

It was a close call for two Clevelanders in Boston.

While others in Northeast Ohio woke to flashing lights and racing police cars on TV. It was in person for Josh Mason and Lamot Manuel. The two work for the I-T Department of Forest City. It owns computers on the campus of MIT. That's where Mason and Manuel were Thursday night when an MIT police officer was shot and killed.

"Actually it was pretty nuts, there were cops everywhere, a lot of SWAT and a lot of army people," said Mason.

"We just missed the shooting by 5 minutes," said Manuel.

While they missed the shooting of the officer by a few minutes they were there to witness the beginning of the chase that led to the manhunt for 19 year-old Dzhokhar Tsarnayev.

"We were at Legal Seafood which is just a block away, it was pretty surreal seeing it," said Mason.

The two rushed back to their hotel but even Friday morning when it was time to head to the airport they were worried.

"There was police everywhere but it's kind of -- if you're willing to walk out on the street it's your life," said Mason.

They felt they had no choice but to head out and catch their flight back to Cleveland.

"We were just talking about it when we got off the plane, anything could have happened at anytime being in the wrong place at the wrong time," said Manuel.

They are both glad to be back home but are thinking of the victims and the people of Boston.

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