The Terrorist Next Door: New training for Ohio police

The Terrorist Next Door: New training for Ohio police

19 Action News has learned of new steps to make sure Ohio police officers are ready for the kind of terrorism we've seen in Boston with the bombings at the marathon.

In recent months law enforcement in Ohio have spent more time trying to identify the terrorist next door, guys like the Boston bombers.

Ohio Attorney General Mike Dewine oversees a training academy for police statewide.

Mr. Dewine says a new course began last year on domestic terrorism.

"In our prisons we have Aryan gangs, Sovereign citizens. Some people don't believe there should be government at all," stated Atty. Gen. Mike Dewine.

Dewine also says the course includes how officers react to domestic terrorists and there's no easy way to respond.

"We always try to train on what we've learned in the past. Awareness of the things that could happen. Awareness of the weapons they could use," added Dewine.

Cleveland Police are doing some of their own training this year dealing with extremists.

The state domestic terrorist training is not required. The Attorney General says it wasn't all that well attended last year, but he expects that to change.

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