Can Mike Brown come home again?

This is where I'm supposed to break out the ol' Thomas Wolfe line, "you can't go home again", but...when it comes to Mike Brown, I'm not so sure.

It's true, and for some fans, unsettling, that the Cavaliers are talking with Brown about returning to coach the team. Those fans immediately point out that, sure, Brown coached the Cavs to 66 wins in 2009, two years after leading them to the NBA Finals, but those runs were the result of LeBron's talents, not Mike's, and by the way, he also failed to win a title with Kobe Bryant.

What the critics fail to mention is that Mike was handcuffed by the same issues that challenged LeBron: lack of a second superstar, and a not-quite-good enough supporting cast. Further, Brown was stifled by an MVP who shrug off suggestions on how to improve his game (low-post, anyone?), advise that LeBron finally accepted down in Miami, pretty much making him unstoppable.

Further, Brown's skills as a defensive-minded coach would be even more valuable this time around, with a young team that has one All-Star (irving), another in the making (Thompson), and a raw supporting cast that could use a tireless teacher.

By hiring Brown, the Cavs aren't trying to relive the LeBron era. They're trying to top it. I, for one, would applaud the move.

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