Questions about police kits to deal with terrorist attack

Questions about police kits to deal with terrorist attack

19 Action News is raising questions about kits given to Cleveland Police in case of a gas or chemical attack.

Officers received first responder kits for this years ago, but some officers have long forgotten about them, and they're not even sure where to find one.

Some of the equipment even has expiration dates from 2007 and 2009.  The kits include gas masks, rubber gloves, boots and outerwear, along with canisters for the breathing units.

Those canisters have the expiration dates. It's not clear if that means they're unusable or just less effective.

Questions about first responder kits are coming to light with the all of the attention on terror after the bombings in Boston.

Since then, Cleveland's Police Chief Michael McGrath has been asked repeatedly how ready are the police?

Last week at a council committee meeting Chief McGrath said, "Do we have the strategies in place to respond to any of these terrorist threats that may happen? And the answer is yes."

So what about the first responder kits?

Police headquarters is getting the answers to our questions from the training unit.

19 Action News will be following up.

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