Westlake STEM students get a special invitation

Westlake STEM students get a special invitation

WESTLAKE, OH (WOIO) - Quite an honor for three Westlake High school seniors. They got an invitation to 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue.

It's no longer just about reading, writing and arithmetic but Science, Technology, Engineering and Math. It was hard work for three students but it's paying off in a big way.

As Westlake builds a new high school, a model home built by three of it's students is building quite a reputation for it's STEM program -- that's Science Technology Engineering and Math.

"It came up real short notice, Tuesday or Wednesday. Mr. Kutz, their primary teacher, was contacted by the White House and invited to a STEM Science Fair for the President and the First Family," said Principal Timothy Freeman.

The three seniors and their home design are racking up all sorts of awards.

"They won first place at the Great Big Home and Flower Show's model home competition, we're proud of that," added Principal Freeman.

"Hardest part was trying to manage our time and incorporating everything we wanted to do. The best part was when we were done seeing our finished product," said Jacob Hoffman.

"I'm so proud of our house and what we've done with it," said Theodore Poulos.

"It's nice seeing that all our hard work is really paying off this well," said Jacob Lemanowicz.

"As far as going to the White House, I would have never thought it could reach that level of professionalism," said Poulos.

"It's nothing anyone else that I've ever known has gotten to do," said Jacob Lemanowicz.

As you might guess while there, they got to meet President Obama. Talk about a big payoff!

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