Cleveland stages mock drill as city brass plans tight security for next month's marathon

Cleveland stages mock drill as city brass plans tight security for next month's marathon

Serious safety.

In light of the Boston Marathon attacks, city and county officials are taking extra steps to make sure Cleveland's marathon stays safe.

On Tuesday, a full-scale, emergency exercise took place at Progressive Field.

This, as Cuyahoga County Executive Ed FitzGerald revealed details on a new security partnership for next month's marathon in Cleveland.

The events in Boston are still top of mind to everyone, but an even higher priority to people planning major events. The worry of how to protect large crowds from terrorist actions was on center stage at two locations Tuesday morning in Cleveland.

Outside Progressive Field a simulated response to a major emergency. Just about every agency in town responded. Police, fire, EMS, FBI, ATF, Homeland Security and the Sheriff. Triage and tactical units were set up all around the perimeter of the field.

At the same time planners of the Cleveland Marathon are using the lessons from Boston to make sure crowds are safe at this year's race. The 36th annual. This year, the Sheriff is heavily involved.

"I don't want to give too much of the information out, but they're gonna be assisting sort of secretly throughout the route of the marathon. Besides the impact unit, we're going to have out K-9 units assisting along with the CPD and the marathon security force," said Cuyahoga County Sheriff Frank Bova.

At Progressive Field, various scenarios were played out. Explosions, a collapse and lots of heavy equipment on scene. Much of it new was paid for by Homeland Security.

As far as the marathon, about a dozen additional sheriffs officers will be on hand, along with beefed up plain clothes details. Any package left unattended will be seized.

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