New questions about video in downtown stabbing murder

New questions about video in downtown stabbing murder

We're learning more about video Cleveland Police just released to try to solve the murder last month of a suburban woman downtown.

The video is so grainy, so mysterious, it's raising more questions than it answers about the murder of Aliza Sherman.

The video shows what police call a person of interest.

Sherman was killed on a Sunday afternoon in the heart of downtown.

Multiple sources say the person on the video looks like the person caught on camera moments earlier actually rushing up to Sherman and doing the stabbing.

But we've learned the tape of the attack and the video just released is not one continuous shot. So investigators are leaving open the possibility it's not the same person. Police say the just-released video shows someone hustling away from the crime scene.

Investigators believe that's a man. But there is some talk it could be a woman. The person is so bundled up.

As always, call Crime Stoppers at 216-252-7463 or submit a tip online.

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