Police investigating identity theft ring

Police investigating identity theft ring

COPLEY TOWNSHIP, OH (WOIO) - Police in communities across the 19 Action News viewing area are dealing with a huge identity theft ring.

One woman in Copley Township was taken for $40,000. Her neighbor was taken for almost $10,000.

"You feel violated, they stole from us," victim Heather Haydu told us.

Police are baffled, "We are working on that from our end."

In many communities the victims' homes were built by the same contractor.

"Maybe the mortgage company through our housing developer," Haydu suggested.

Other possibilities include a utility, somebody stealing mail or the illegal use of the Internet.

Many folks realized they were taken only when they received bills for credit cards they never opened. The cards were used at popular department stores all out of state.

Police said, "We had reports from New York, New Jersey, Connecticut and Indiana."

"When your identity is stolen you feel violated," Haydu said.

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