Medina to name interim superintendent

Medina to name interim superintendent

MEDINA, OH (WOIO) - Medina City School Board members expected to name an interim Superintendent to fill in for Randy Stepp as the State of Ohio looks at how Stepp was reimbursed for travel to a school conference in Florida through a Medina County educational account.

Stepp denies doing anything wrong.

Medina School Board President Karla Robinson says, "One of the first things we did was lock down that account. No more transactions will be flowing thru there unless they have a long approval process."

The board just voided Stepp's contract because they believe board members violated Ohio sunshine laws in announcing Stepp's new deal.

The new deal gave Stepp an $83,000 bonus.

Randy Stepp's Attorney Jerry Chattman says, "What the Board did was ludicrous. They are trying to profit from their mistake. I don't believe their was a violation of Ohio's Sunshine Law. If there was a mistake they are duty bound to go back and rectify their mistake.  They voted unanimously to approve Randy Stepp's contract."

Kara Robinson says, "I would dispute the notion we have thrown Dr. Stepp under the bus. Dr. Stepp has served our District extremely well in all of the ways you have identified. In order to get to the bottom of this EOC controversy however we must do a full investigation."

The State of Ohio Audit when it's all said and done could cost the School District a total of $14,000.

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