On the rebound: Home sales

On the rebound: Home sales

Patty Oleksiak from Avon Lake has been looking to buy a home for four months.

"It's going slow," Oleksiak told our Dan DeRoos as she was touring yet another listing.

"It was built in '94," Howard Hanna Agent Jodi Donato states as she emerges from a first floor bathroom.

"There are few houses, new houses coming up," says a frustrated Oleksiak. "We really thought it would pick up after Easter and with spring time here, but it just hasn't."

The housing market is wielding a double edged sword right now. The good side, according to the Ohio Association of Realtors, is home sales in Northeast Ohio last month were up 17% compared to March of last year.

Prices are rebounding too. The average sale price compared to last year, up 4.8%. The bad side for buyers is there's not a lot to look at.

"People are still scared to put their house up for sale," explains Agent Donato. "That's why inventory is so low. They're afraid they're going to lose. And I want to say I don't think that's the case right now. I think they'll be surprised at how many multiple offers come in."

It's a seller's market. Not enough homes for sale and the ones that are, are being snatched up pretty quick.

"It's very quickly. I've called my realtor, I've called Jodi, and to see if we can get over to see the house and by the time we can make the arraignments there's a bid in already. They're gone. They're gone very quickly," says Oleksiak.

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