Cleveland Heights-University Heights School District announces teacher layoffs

Cleveland Heights-University Heights School District announces teacher layoffs

CLEVELAND HEIGHTS, OH (WOIO) - 42 teachers with the Cleveland Heights-University Heights School District have been laid off.

The move comes as the district works to reduce costs.

"These are very difficult but unfortunately necessary decisions," said Superintendent Douglas Heuer. "To be fiscally responsible, we need to ensure that our expenses are in line with our needs. Simply put, our student population has decreased by 16% since 2001. Over that same time span, the District has reduced administrative staff by 21% and support staff by 6%, but the teaching staff has increased by 5%. Much of the teacher increase has been related to an increasing number of special education students, and an increasing number of at-risk students, but it still needs to be brought in line with our current needs."

"Reducing staff will align our staffing numbers with the needs of the student population being served," Heuer continued. "The same applies to money spent on supplies, materials and overtime pay. This is why chief financial officer Scott Gainer has asked the principals to use a zero-based budget strategy for setting FY2014 school budgets and not rely solely on prior history of expenditures."

"Most importantly, parents should know that these staff reductions will not necessitate reductions in our academic programs," concluded Superintendent Heuer.

There will be subsequent reductions of support and administrative staff that will follow in accordance with contractual and legal obligations. The Board of Education will consider the administrative and support staff cuts at the Board work session on May 21.