Calorie controversy?

Calorie controversy?

A McDonald's double quarter pounder with cheese is about 750 calories. It would take about 2 and a half hours to walk that off. So would you still indulge if information on how much you have to exercise to burn off the calories was on the menu?

"I do pay attention to the calories and what I eat," says Ted Kolozsviry.

Kolozsviry works out at Fitworks in Rocky River several days a week. Exercise and watching what he eats keeps him in shape and healthy.

"I'm on the bike for an hour four times a week and then my buddy and I workout for almost two hours," explains Kolozsviry.

Even though calorie count info is on fast food and many restaurant menus, researchers say that kind of information doesn't seem to change many people's eating habits.

But what if the menu showed how much exercise you'd need to burn off that hamburger?

"It would take about an hour to burn three to four hundred calories depending on your pace," says personal trainer and nutritionist Tarah Henderson.

According to a study at Texas Christian University brisk walking, about 4 miles an hour, is a good way to keep fit. Researchers found that if the menu also displayed the minutes of walking it took to burn off the calories, people ate less.

"Well I definitely think it's good for people to be mindful and know exactly what they're eating and choose if they want to eat it," explains Henderson.

Alessandra Kasperek says she tries not to count calories. She just tries to watch what she eats.

"If a person is conscious of their body they should know what to do," says Kasperek.

As for Ted he says along with counting reps he'll be counting calories to help continue his healthy lifestyle.

"I try to keep my calories somewhere between twelve and eighteen hundred a day," says Kolozsviry.

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