Sex Sting, Searching for Hoffa, Facebook Warning - Cleveland 19 News Cleveland, OH

Sex Sting, Searching for Hoffa, Facebook Warning

Good evening, I'm Romona Robinson from the 19 Action Newsroom.

We're working on a number of new stories tonight.

New at 11: What the NFL commish has to say about the Browns owner's future in the league. And we're digging deeper tonight after a Browns player was busted in a sex sting.

If you enjoy Facebook – beware!
What a local man wrote on his page that landed him in jail.

A local bar is ripping its walls down as investigators search for Jimmy Hoffa's remains!
We have an update on what they found.

And finally, Jeff Tanchak has a forecast you might like!
I think it includes spring weather!

I hope you're enjoying your evening and you'll join Denise and me tonight at 11.


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