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Striking Strongsville teachers seek donations for medical bills, insurance

Strongsville teachers strike Strongsville teachers strike

With the stalled Strongsville strike now in its 8th week, teachers are turning to the public to help pay medical bills and insurance premiums.

The Strongsville Education Association is asking for donations, as members don't receive pay or benefits while on the picket line.

Many in the community are upset by the teacher's request for donations and don't feel like the teachers are taking responsibility.

"I'm disappointed to see it. Once again it feels like they're not really paying attention to how people feel out there," said parent Bill Glacken.

Parent Greg Moser says it's become most traumatic for the students.

"They're watching this drama unfold. It feels like a circular firing squad with the kids in the middle," he said.

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The SEA and school board have had several marathon bargaining sessions, which have failed to produce a deal. The school board offered the union a new deal last week, but the SEA countered and talks remain at a stalemate.

The district is asking teachers to pay more of the healthcare costs. Teachers want to unfreeze a merit pay system the district had.

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